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Excerpt from the book...

"It was September 11, 2001 - a day whose events would change my life forever.  I was destined by the Lord to be one of those who survived the ‘Ground Zero' terrorist attack on the Pentagon. 


...Suddenly, I heard two, successive, loud, blasts in front of me! I was in shock and disbelief as I felt the building shudder and shake.  I stood frozen in place as I looked up and saw the windows crack in front of me, and then implode into the bay (not outward) where I was standing!  The sensation of the walls and ceiling bursting into chaotic life all around me was absolutely incredible.…


I heard someone yell, "Get Down," and I immediately dropped to the floor, as did everyone else around me...Smoke seemed to be coming from the window area in front of me where the explosions had occurred.  But, despite this surreal assessment, the situation did not seem to be immediately life threatening. 


…Logic dictated that I should go out the bay, turn right and go toward the E-Ring to the nearest exit, to the outer perimeter of the building structure.  However, when I went out the bay, I believed that I was to turn left, go toward the inside of the Building in the direction of the A-Ring!  This was not logical! Natural reasoning dictated I should go toward the E-Ring. Nonetheless, believing that God was directing me, my colleague and I were among the first out the bay, and moving toward the A-Ring toward the center of the Pentagon.


As we moved into the 4th corridor, a clearer picture of danger unfolded!  The air was becoming thick with black and gray colored smoke.  Debris was falling from the ceiling, plaster was exploding out of the walls, and other materials from the infrastructure were exploding onto the floor of the corridor. It looked like a war zone!


Explosions continued and the smoke became thicker by the second..."


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